2. Your least favourite character  (I don’t like this term, might change it in “Character you wish you knew more to like them more than you already do”)

Liechtenstein & Seychelles

Before anyone says anything I do not dislike these two characters. They are adorable and I like them, two babies. So if you’re going to hate, it’ll be like kicking the wall, I will ignore you and act like you’re not even there (◕‿◕✿)

Because I know how people is, thinking that just because I’m a fangirl I’m going to hate females and IT’S NOT LIKE THAT. 

So why did I choose them? Because I feel like these two characters get enough spotlight for me to be intrigued by them and like them, but not enough for me to love them as much as I think they deserve. Does it make sense? I just feel like I should like them more than I do, especially because they are important characters, I mean, maybe Liechtenstein not as much as Seychelles, but she is the protagonist of Gakuen Hetalia game, so she must be an important character, right? Enough, I ranted here. 

Brief summary if you’re too lazy to read this all: I like Liechtenstein and Seychelles and actually I put them here in this day because I am blaming myself for not liking them enough, have an awesome day you all (◕‿◕✿)

~ All the pictures belong their respective owners (Himaruya sensei, Studio Deen, blah, blah, you got it, right?) ~

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