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"You’re talking to the belly flop champion of Camp Rama!"

Because this is a cute crossover and no one will tell me otherwise. I can always go for more dweeby America. Based on this gif set.

Packing is hard. I can’t possibly bring all this stuff for a one-week trip.


Read it. 


"How strange.. This isn’t my cabin-"


So.. I’ve seen people on here do this before and maybe it can work for me. Though I never imagined I’d ever be in this situation and it kills me to ask, but..

I was recently in a car wreck which fractured my pelvis in three places and there is a chip in my bone. The hospital rushed me out two days after the wreck so now I’m stuck at home and trying to heal. My car is totaled and now I can’t go to work (even if I wasn’t injured.) 

My problem is that I will have a high hospital bill even with insurance. My family is in a financial problem because of extremely high taxes and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to pay for it. On top of this, I have college expenses and now that I can’t work, I can’t pay for it..
So..If you can, please donate to help my family and I out. If there had been any other way to pay for it besides this, I would do it, but this is my absolute last resort.. Please and thank you. I really appreciate it, even if you can’t donate, I ask you to reblog.

You can contact me through my email: 

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Disney Heroines 

By: gariSK

let’s glorify the heroines rather than just the princesses I like that better


skyrim usuk in modern dress clothes


skyrim usuk in modern dress clothes

free iwatobi swim club!
((Professor Layton! o3o *spazzes*))
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