This is a gift from hoshiko2 to Car based on the fanfiction Strange Powers! I hope you enjoy it!! >v<

Everyone, if you haven’t read this fanfiction go do it. It’s seriously one of my absolute favorites and you owe it to yourselves to enjoy it!
Then, go give Owyn and Hosh some lovins because they are both sweethearts <333



This is a gift from hoshiko2 to Car based on the fanfiction Strange Powers! I hope you enjoy it!! >v<


Everyone, if you haven’t read this fanfiction go do it. It’s seriously one of my absolute favorites and you owe it to yourselves to enjoy it!

Then, go give Owyn and Hosh some lovins because they are both sweethearts <333


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July 22nd, 2014 - It’s All About Technique


AUTHOR: SillyKwado

July 22nd, 2014 - It’s All About Technique

Most marching band members love the competitions – the hush of the audience, the glaring of the stadium lights, and the ability to show what you’ve been working on all season. Most people even look forward to these competitions. Not Alfred.

His favorite thing about marching band is the practices. The practices that are two and a half hours after school every day in the sweltering sun. The practices where you run-through the marching basics for a half hour and you may not even get to play any music for the rest of the day. The practices where the band director practically yells at you half of the time.

Nevertheless, Alfred looks forward to them, and only for one reason: the totally hot drum major, Arthur Kirkland. Drum majors are the band students who conduct the marching band during performances and are basically the leaders of the band.

Alfred especially loves to see Arthur during practice. He’s always running around trying to help freshmen with their technique or setting the form. He’s starting to tan where he hasn’t burned and he sometimes has this cute smudge of sunscreen on his face that Alfred never tells him about. And then there are his clothes: a well-fitting t-shirt and short shorts. Like really short. He’s too innocent to know about them but it sure does make Alfred sweat a little bit more.

Of course, Arthur doesn’t even know he exists. Sure, they’re both Juniors and Arthur knows Alfred’s name, but that’s really all he knows. The band is too big and they’re from different sections. Alfred plays trumpet while Arthur is the best alto sax player he’s ever heard. The things Arthur can play with that instrument… and beautifully too. Alfred was saddened at first when he learned that Arthur was going to be a drum major this year instead of playing his sax, but then Alfred saw him conduct.

Alfred really liked how Arthur conducts. Especially when Arthur puts his hands up above his head for count 4, sometimes his shirt will ride up just a little.

He really liked to have the drum major’s attention, even if it was as little as telling Alfred to move to the right one step. Lately, he’s figured out a way to receive some of Arthur’s attention.

He’s been purposefully messing up his marching technique and missing his spots, only during the practices mind you, just so Arthur could come over and correct him. Even though, he’s actually one of the best marchers in the band. Alfred’s a bit disappointed when the other drum major, Roderich, would come over rather than Arthur, but he won’t be discouraged.

Today, Alfred had been rather unsuccessful at gaining Arthur’s attention though. The drum major had been mainly focused on the 8 freshmen clarinetists at the other side of the field, so he hadn’t been able to really see Alfred “mess up”.

Alfred noticed Arthur looking his way so he quickly changed his marching to where he was practically scuffing his feet against the pavement. Arthur definitely saw Alfred this time but he disappointingly went back to the woodwinds. Why didn’t he tell Alfred off for messing up his technique again!? Alfred pouted.

The rest of the day was just like that. Every time Alfred messed up his marching or had the wrong horn angle, Arthur would just ignore him!

By the end of practice, Alfred was fully discouraged and worn out. After a few announcements, the band was dismissed and Alfred started to make his way back to the band room.

“Alfred,” came the accented voice of the drum major. Alfred spun around quickly putting on a genuine smile.

“Hey, what’s up?” Alfred asked.

“I’ve been noticing lately that your marching technique seems to be declining even with my help,” Arthur said raising an eyebrow at Alfred who just nervously chuckled. “So, I think extra practices might be needed.”

“Extra practices?” Alfred repeated, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.

“Yes, extra practices,” Arthur said. “We can begin anytime you’d like, but the sooner the better.”

“’We’?” Alfred asked with a head tilt.

“Yes, ‘we’. I’m certainly not going to let you practice those horrible techniques on your own.”

Alfred smiled. He’ll get to spend more time with Arthur!

“And,” Arthur continued. “The practices might run pretty late, so we’ll have to get dinner afterwards… and possibly a movie. You’ll be paying for those of course.” Arthur was looking away now with a furious blush on his cheeks.

Alfred was stunned into silence for a moment. Did Arthur ask him out? Then Arthur nervously glanced at Alfred. Yes, he totally did!

“You got it!” Alfred said with the biggest grin he’s ever had.

“Great, then perhaps we should get started today,” Arthur said with a small, embarrassed smile.

Alfred smiled even more. “Alright! But first, we should get something to eat! I know of a great diner nearby…” Alfred said while grabbing Arthur’s hand to drag him along, their fingers intertwining. And Arthur let him.

July 21st, 2014 - Emotions Never Lie


AUTHOR: the-literalist

July 21st, 2014 - Emotions Never Lie

Every person experiences a specific emotion for every individual they meet, before they’ve even spoken to each other. The feelings range from burning resentment to intense love and admiration. People who meet each other with compatible qualities for a future friendship will experience a serene sort of contentment and fondness. People with a mutually volatile propensity immediately are overtaken by tense discomfort and anger.

Arthur, for one, had always been quite keen to his internal emotional responses toward others. During childhood, Arthur had had the displeasure of encountering Francis Bonnefoy; the explosive heat pooling in his head and chest was so great he had gotten into a violent fight with the older French boy seconds after they met. At the age of 14 Arthur had met Kiku Honda, a Japanese teenager, he began to feel a bright sense of understanding and connection throughout his body, and so he knew Kiku would become a great companion of his. And so it went; for every person Arthur came into contact with, he would experience a specific feeling which would inform him of his compatibility with the other person, and vice versa. It grew somewhat meddlesome when forced to meet a big group of people at once, but after a while everyone just learned how to deal with it.

It was when Arthur turned 16 that he accidentally collided into a new student at his school. After regaining his composure, Arthur glanced up at the young man’s face.

Eye contact was made. And then Arthur felt it. It was something he had never felt before, almost like his entire body was overwhelmed with heated passion that pooled from his head to his toes, but now what did this mean? The fiery feeling was almost like what he felt when he was around Francis, but this emotion just felt different and was less concentrated. Arthur didn’t have any more of a chance to ponder the strange experience since the other decided to break the silence.

“Dude, if you wanted to feel my abs you could’ve just asked instead of pretending to bump into me like that,” was spoken with a wide grin.

Arthur’s eye twitched. So he is as bad as Francis, and if my current emotional state is anything to go by, I’d say this boy is even worse. Who knew that was even possible?

“Don’t flatter yourself, I’d hardly call those ‘abs’. Now watch where you’re going, fat-arse.”

“I’m not fat! You dickhead!” the boy replied hotly, obviously Arthur had struck a chord. “And my name is Alfred, so don’t call me mean names!”

“Oh well done, lad. You truly are quick with the comebacks, but that’s neither here nor there. I have more important things to worry about than dealing with your immaturity. Kindly stay away from me from now on.” With that, Arthur turned on his heel and briskly walked down the hallway.

“No problem! I don’t want to be near you anyway!” Alfred shouted after him, as Arthur slowly felt that warm emotion start to fade the farther away from Alfred he got.

The two could not seem to get a break from each other after that. Scornful glares were directed and hurtful words were strewn whenever the two boys happened to meet. Which was often. Almost like they couldn’t be apart for too long.

And still every time Arthur was in Alfred’s presence, that same heated, churning emotion would emerge and he would attempt to quell whatever strange things were happening to his body since he was still unsure of what it meant and how he should go about managing it effectively.

After almost two months after their initial meeting, Arthur had the misfortune of accidentally harshly bumping into Alfred again in the hallway, yet this time there was no hesitancy before one of them pushed the other in a scathing display of anger. Fists started to fly and no doubt there would be bruises and injuries the next day to attest for the damage from the fight.

After about five minutes of each boy attempting to overpower the other, Arthur ended up being slammed into the lockers behind him, with Alfred’s arms securing him and his teeth bearing in a fuming sneer. Arthur started to struggle out of his hold so Alfred pressed his entire body flush up against Arthur’s, so that their chests were touching, save for the thin material of their shirts. As soon as their bodies met perfectly, it felt as if there was an explosion of warmth, and there was undeniable pleasure coursing through the connection of their bodies.

Alfred’s eyes rolled back as he let his weight drop onto Arthur, who was still sandwiched between the wall of lockers and Alfred. Arthur himself began to exhale quickly. His mind and body screamed at him to gain more of this amazing feeling, so he grabbed onto Alfred’s shirt to bring him closer, if that were even possible. Alfred broke out of his haze and brought his hands up to Arthur’s face and proceeded to soundly kiss Arthur with such passion and devotion that Arthur couldn’t believe they had waited so long to do this. Deep in their minds, they both finally realized exactly what emotion they felt whenever they were around each other.

When they finally broke off, Alfred brandished an expression of clear happiness and relief.

“Oh god…I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one to feel this way! You have no idea how hard it was for me to try to pretend like I actually wanted to stay away from you!”

“I think I have an idea,” Arthur replied, voice brimming with unmasked joy. “Love can do crazy things to a person, you know.”

“Love. Damn,” came the thoughtful response, “Can we never be separated again so this feeling will never end?”

Arthur smiled wider. “I believe we can arrange that.”


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